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Saturday, 19 March 2016


Posting my participation in this unusual Bingo Challenge from down under.
Appreciation to creator, Maddie of the Geeky Girl  for offering the downloads of the challenge
and progress chart, helpful resources .
Full instructions at The Girly Geek - How it Works, SignUp and Instructions
along with downloads for your own use.
Low key, without expectation to complete any level.  The challenge encourages 
reading curiosity and exploration.
A new feature is the uncovering of "?" squares bi-monthly which
offer reading mystery missions for discovering specific reading topic/theme.
Here's the first one...
The career doesn’t have to be focus of the novel, it just has to be featured within it.

​H​ave an idea for one of the next four mystery missions
​? ​
 Feel free to join the GoodReads group, and leave it on the appropriate spread
Want another Reading Challenge opportunity?   
Perhaps this Bookish Bingo takes your fancy and we'll meet up over some new reads.
Looking forward to seeing what's being read in Oz!

My Bookish Bingo 2016 Read List:
1. Book w noun in title - INTROVERT POWER 2. Mystery Mission1 book featuring my dream career - THE ARTIST'S WAY  3. book on bestseller list - SARAH'S KEY       4. dnf or forgot to finish - LETTERS TO THE LOST  5. author under 25 when pub’d- LUCY MAUDE MONTGOMERY SHORT STORIES 1896 - 1901 [A Case of Trespass6.folk/fairytale re-telling- VIEWS FROM THE DEPTHS 7. book set w/in entertainment industry - MOUNTAINS BOW DOWN  8. debut novel - THE IRISH HEALER  9. book featuring a conspiracy - MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS  10. book being made into movie - _________  11. featuring strong familial relationships - SAVING AMELIE  12. featuring  sleuthing or crime-solving - THE GIRL OF HIS DREAMS  13. Mystery Mission 2 a book translated from another language - JOHN 1   14. book w/ stars on cover - THE CHRISTMAS ANGEL  15. graphic, comic or picture book - DOWN A GARDEN PATH  16. Mystery Mission 3 ____   17. featuring an unlikely friendship - WHISPERS IN THE READING ROOM  18. FREE SPACE  19. featuring Asian or African mc - THE PERFECT PARAGON  20. 3rd book in trilogy or series - REFUGE AT HIGHLAND HALL  21. book pub’d in my birth month - THE LITTLE CROOKED CHRISTMAS TREE  22. book w/ alternating perspectives - A FALL OF MARIGOLDS  23. 500+ pages - ____ 24. set outside of Earth - THE CANDY COUNTRY  25. Mystery Mission 4 ____  26. ebook or audio listen - IF   27. book with number in title - ONE, TWO, BUCKLE MY SHOE  28. featuring political espionage - DEATH OF A VILLAGE  29. book that a friend loved- THE ART OF PILGRIMAGE  30. book I’ve owned over 1 year - PILGRIM PRINCIPLES              31. featuring mental illness or disability - GRAND CENTRAL  32. Mystery Mission 5 ______  33. featuring a murder or assassination - UNTIL THE DAWN  34. short story or novella - JANE OF LANTERN HILL  35. featuring angels - THE ANIMALS' CHRISTMAS  EVE

 TOTAL # Challenges Completed:  _______ 


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