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Saturday, 21 August 2010

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'Who or what has influenced your faith journey? Would you share it with us today?
'I look forward to reading how your faith journey has been influenced by someone or something along the way.'

so begins Amber's challenge for 'Journey of Faith Friday' on her Amber's Articles blog.  thankfully, she's opened the invitation from one friday to the next. otherwise i'd be waiting a week to participate and next friday's topic will be changed. but i do love this thought so will jump in for this week. ~

having such a current influence, i most gratefully post a note of celebration for my friend, Paula Clare!  i met Paula via comments on my post regarding the contemplative life.  having a heart as big as texas, Paula offered her time and multiplied talents to create the gorgeous grab button which you'll find proudly displayed in my sidebar.  you're most welcome to have a cup on me! thanks to Paula!
i am absolutely blessed with the generous hospitality in friendship offered by Paula and encourage you to check out Paula's Palace for her warm wild west welcome!

i also have enjoyed this influence of Paula on my  interest in the contemplative lifestyle of faith.  her very generous friendship toward me, having connected by blog alone, has been amazing.  and through that connection i now have a personal reason to research the monk manifesto i posted prior to meeting Paula. 
she offered her insightful connections for more in depth contemplative lifestyle information and she is a positive reason i'm pursuing more knowledge in this process of faith formation. 

even at my age and stage, God has surprises around many a corner!  and in keeping with God's way, it's relational!

thanks, Amber, for asking!  it's been a pleasure to recount the significant spiritual influence of my friend Paula on my journey of faith ...

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Amber said...

Thank you so much for sharing your love and appreciation for Paula's spiritual influence. I am interested to learn of your "monk manifesto" journey. I will be back to explore.

Thank you for linking up!!!

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