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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

off to school ...

today its back to routine! 
LoVed all you wonderful party peeps who stopped in for tea & cake yesterday!
HUGE Thank YOU !  and may we have MANY more :)
now i'm off to my next leadership certification class for the Stanford U
'Chronic Disease Self Management Program'.  and 2 more days following.  so time to visit and chat has been preempted for a bit. 
it is my daughter in law's birthday today - woo hoo - and i will post for her honour as soon as they're back from amsterdam.  i can't wait for their safe return!  family matters :) 
being that we've been apart for 3 birthdays, an anniversary, and it's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, we'll have some partying to catch up on!
thanks for your understanding during this mini break from blogging ...  i'll try to post briefly to keep in touch. your messages of what's new with you are MUCH appreciated! 

since i'm on the topic of school :)
i'll just add this giveaway for those interested in the 'school of photography'!
Click it UP a Notch has *great news for you!! We are giving away a 4GB Memory Card!! Whoo hoo!! I know you are just beside yourself with excitement :O) I can take about 400 pictures in RAW on these and the package says if you shot JPEG you should be able to fit about 770 photos!! Now who doesn’t need more memory space to capture all that is happening in our lives!!*
this lovely giveaway, along with great instructional blog posts!  definitely worth your visit !


Mompriest said...

I tried, but couldn't connect yesterday - so a belated happy birthday. and enjoy this weekend of family gathering around a meal of thanks.

Faith Hope Cherrytea ~ said...

that's so lovely,Mompriest!
thx for persistence! i'll celebrate as long as possible :)
and for your wknd wishes - ThankYou - it's one of my fave celebrations! especially so this year with the anticipated safe return of 2 of us!

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