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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

school & NEW Pearls & Lace Giveaway update ...

school went very well today ~
my turn to team lead a session with my team partner - FuN!  we changed it up a bit adding hats labelled 'acute' and 'chronic' for our discussion of the differences of each.  caught the classmates attention as well as
the two remote locations participating via camera.  glad we did decide to go with the improvising. 
we all needed the extra FuN ;-)  especially by that time of the afternoon :) !!
another full day tomorrow.  so, it's now off to dreamland  ~
have a great day tomorrow!  i think Faith Grace Crafts is to start a new Pearls and Lace giveaway thursday... just a little 'bug in your ear' as they say ~ you might get there before i do!  but then i'm ahead of my game by posting it now...
be blessed ~

ok, here we go with Doni's October giveaway connxn until midnite October 28th ! ~
amazing girlie finds Doni has generously included in the giveaway!
Be sure to have a peek in time to enter...
THEN,  join her at the weekly Thursday Pearls and Lace parties !! til final October 28th entry... 
EnJoy the FuN and make new friends :)


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Evening Sweet Friend...
I love the share, and I love the idea of the hats being named "Acute" and "Chronic". I can just see the two of you, like two little school girls just giggling away with pride at yourselves.

Thank you for sharing along the way. I feel like I am right there too.

I will also make sure that I check out Faith Grace Crafts tomorrow. Love the tip.

Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

Rayanne said...

Dear sweet friend,
I cannot tell you enough how your kind comments were the sweetest medicine for what my aching heart was going through.I'm mending up nicely,the Lord is so good!
So sorry I missed your birthday, Happy belated Birthday!
Let's do tea next Tuesday, lookinG forward to your tea time!
Love you,

Faith Hope Cherrytea ~ said...

Loved to hear from you, Sherry, and for sharing in our FuN! you were right on about the hats & our responses :)
love and hugs MUCH appreciated :))

Rayanne, i am so pleased to have offered the 'right medicine'. God knows what to offer...
you could never miss the birthday - i celebrate whenever! thank you for being part of it :)
and definitely, tea with you tuesday is a great plan ! looking forward to it :)

Doni said...

WoooHooo girl! You are really wanting to win this giveaway!!! Good luck to you!! AND, I hope your day goes just as great tomorrow as it did today! Blessings, Doni

Faith Hope Cherrytea ~ said...

thx Doni ! for sure !
i'm hoping so as well:)

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