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Sunday, 25 September 2011

worship to welcome your new week ! ~

a new week!
a joyful welcome ~
here's Jamie Grace with Toby Mac
to get you up and dancing!

  includes many Canadian venues in October 
then back to the US for November                                                           
and into the New Year of 2012!!

 Jamie Grace is a 19 year old singer~songwriter                                       

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia,
                                                       Jamie Grace is a college student who, 
aside from her career and touring as a singer-songwriter, 
is also studying children’s ministry. 
At age 11, Jamie Grace was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome, 
and has since traveled the country sharing her story and faith 
through music and speaking. 


Pamela said...

Beautiful. Don't you love how God does great things through our weaknesses? What a God we serve!


Charlotte said...

You're right. That's a dancing' song. Hard to sit still and listen. I'm glad you shared this beautiful video.

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