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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Book Review: Need You Now ~ author Beth Wiseman

Need You Now
~ by Beth Wiseman

A Thomas Nelson read for review..

Not having read Beth Wiseman previously
I didn't have the expectations of long time fans of her Amish writing.

This contemporary story is replete with issues of the day -
perhaps too full for a manageable handling of the topics raised?
Then again, life as lived typically today, is often without margin
by the choices made by the parties involved.
Ms Wiseman's characters are part of just such a modern family.
I won't spoil the reading with the solutions and resolutions attempted,
but will suggest a good block of time to delve into
the story's complications and outcomes. 

Perhaps not your own life situations,
but certainly anyone living in today's society will find it a relevant read,
hopefully adding empathy  and Christlike responses
rather than narrowing viewpoints to a typical provincial perspective.

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