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Friday, 8 June 2012

Armchair BEA: Blogging Success Tips ~ Ask the Experts! 2012

Final day for Armchair Book Expo America ~
here's our participant instructions...

Today's topic is Ask the Experts ~
what conversation might we have about blogging but haven't
found anyone to ask?
are there questions my non-blogging readers would like to ask?
are there tips my blogging readers would like to offer?
Now is the perfect opp to find out!
Just ask!

One tip I would offer is to use the scheduled blog option
if you know you won't be available on the date
and have time in advance {key point}
prepare your blog post in advance
then schedule its posting time in keeping with when you
want the post to appear...

Another would be to read your post critically
before publishing.
Your choice of wording may not be conveying your message
with the kindness or care you intend...
It may be offensive or harsh
which can be corrected before posting
 preventing a turn off to readers before it occurs !

Now what tip to blogging success would you be willing to share?


Stacy at A Novel Source said...

Great advice! I am always in such a rush that sometimes I forget to edit...and that's probably the MOST critical advice of all ~ edit, edit, and edit again.
Happy Armchair BEA Week!

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

TY Stacy! EnJoy aBEA :)

Vikk @ Down the Writer's Path said...

Good advice. I love the ability to schedule posts and it's perfect for memes such as Top Ten Tuesday where you know the subjects well ahead.

I've enjoyed this week and having the chance to read everyone's posts and visit their blogs...of course, I haven't made it to everyone's but I plan to continue the visits over the next couple of weeks.

Preet @ A Written Rhapsody said...

Reading before blogging is definitely a great idea! Changing a word sometimes can change how something is perceived. Great meeting you.

dsblanchard said...

These are all great tips and ones I learned the hard way. I try to always be a day or two ahead with my blog posts. That way I write it one day and read it another. I have found that I ALWAYS change wording and sometimes even delete or add whole paragraphs for clarity.

Leaving time between reads really gives you the perspective of the reader and you can realize what your reader will be experiencing because it is fresh to you due to the wait time.

I love that you addressed kindness. It is so easy to have misunderstanding when all you have is the written word. Without body language and facial expression, your reader relies heavily on the words. Choosing the BEST ones to convey your true meaning is of the essence.

I LOVE the spirit of your blog. Thank you for leading in your tender-hearted way.


Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Yes, those are great tips!

Since you're asking for input, two of my own key tips are:

1.To leave lots of white space in and around your postings --

space between paragraphs;

make short paragraphs rather than long ones so the eye has places to rest as it travels down the screen;

and space between quotes or uploaded photos, not all crammed together.

2. To publish short postings rather than a posting with a dozen screen loads of text and/or photographs.

I just click out of those ones because a person can never seem to find the end.

(And it's not that the material isn't good, it's just too much to take in in one visit.)

My tip: If you have lots to say or show, wonderful! Then make 5-6 postings and create a mini-series on the subject. You won't have to find so much 'new' material, and you'll have fodder for readers to keep coming back for more.

We Fancy Books said...

Lovely post you have here Faith!

Scheduling post is really essential for bloggers. It's a must to schedule post so that you don't cram on posts.

Double checking your post is definitely a must. You have your readers and you should always give them the best.

We Fancy Books

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