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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Spring Floral Demitasse for Teacup Tuesday 4.9.13

I'm choosing a decidedly Spring look Teacup today!

Waking to -20 degrees isn't helping any flowers that may be
trying to decide whether to stay buried under the snowcover
or work their way up to the light of day!

So I make indoor efforts toward Spring ...

My latest charity shop purchase to aid in that Spring celebration

Merely 2 1/2 in tall and 3 1/2 from side to edge of handle
this demitasse offers delight in both colour and feminine charm !
Pattern is Old Country Spray of
Fine Bone Bell China England

Bell China is a pottery mark of a Staffordshire pottery called Shore & Coggins of Longton.
They traded from 1911 to 1966.
Their other pottery marks included Queen Anne and Princess Anne China.

As the dates show, there is a rarity and novelty value to Shore & Coggins wares
(apart from having a fantastic sounding English name!).
They didn't produce for that long and represent a kind of 'glory days' in UK Staffordshire potting
where the market was so strong smaller family run firms could carve out a niche for themselves
and hold off the giants.

Of course, this has all changed with the giants all swallowing up the smaller firms
in the latter part of the 20th Century and then
 themselves all going into administration in 2009.

As it happens, thing are going full swing now with Portmeirion,
a small family firm started in the 1960's
recently buying out the giant names of Royal Worcester and Spode for a trifling £3million.
So this wee cup of mine is a little piece of English history!

I enjoy its pleasing floral freshness that speaks of Spring'
{ hopefully} imminent arrival !

Like more Teacups? Have a peek at my TeaTime Pinterest Board 

Speaking of arrivals....
Diane Moody's Newest Teacup Novella just released!
 Home to Walnut Ridge  Now available for Kindle or app
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"It seems everyone needs a second chance. Tracey Collins just left Washington D.C. after her dream job became a personal nightmare. Back home in Jacobs Mill, Tennessee, she quickly realizes she's not the only one needing a fresh start. Her sister Alex is in the midst of a career change, finding new inspiration restoring furniture. Their father, a former pastor who's had his own share of disillusionment, now mentors a strange bunch of misfit bikers who do odd jobs around town as ministry. Among them, an intriguing former attorney named Noah, still running from a painful past, catches Tracey's eye. Secrets are uncovered and hearts are restored in Jacobs Mill as they all work together to renovate an old smokehouse into a new shop called Second Chances.Oh, and did I mention there's a mystery of historic proportions surrounding the discovery of a rather unusual teacup? Sorry, but you'll have to read the book to find out what that's all about....

"Tomorrow I start work on Teacup #4! "

Find More insights on her Newest Teacup Novella from
 Diane on her blog HERE

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Bernideen said...

I have never seen this design and it is beautiful. So much great history and information here on these companies. I love it that you linked to Friends Sharing Tea!!!

Johanna said...

thats really a demicup which provides a springy feeling. We have no snow anymore but spring is very late, also. This little demi cup is so sweet and the information about the maker is very helpful for me because I have some Queen Anne cups. Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful teacup, the helpful information and the wonderful story.
Best greetings, Johanna

Antiques And Teacups said...

Lovely pattern! Perfect for a spring tea! Love the pattern. It is so sad that most of the big famous potters have disappeared, but there are still quite a few small and successful potters. Hope they remain!

*My Butterfly Haus* said...

Hi! New follower here from UBP13! Your blog is awesome!! I'm a new blogger and hope you come by and follow me at!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Your wee bit of English history really is adorable! What a sweet find. Love the florals and the shape of it. Thank you for sharing with us.


Sara said...

I have enjoyed your blog! I love tea and all things tea myself. I have a collection of tea cups from relatives on both sides of my family. Hope you'll stop by my blog at Sara's Tea Time.

Lavender Cottage said...

I haven't visited you for a long time, glad to reconnect through a tea party again.
That's a real sweet teacup you've shared and thanks for the link to Diane Moody's new book.

The Tablescaper said...

Your new cup looks just like Spring!

- The Tablescaper

Martha said...

It may be too cold for flowers inside -- but you have flowers in your teacup! What could be better?

Terri said...

What a lovely little spring cup! The flowers are really pretty on it. It is great that they add violets to the saucer's flower mix. I don't see that too often. Fascinating how the pottery companies all changed hands so much.

iris said...

merci de votre petit mot sur mon blog
très agréable ♥♥♥
votre blog est très beau
alors je vous dit à bientôt
edith (iris) France

Alaina Holland said...

These tea cups are beautiful!!

Natasha In Oz said...

Thanks so much for sharing this lovely post at Say G'Day Saturday! It was interesting to learn about the history of the china. I'm pinning this right now.

Hope to see you again this weekend.

Best wishes,
Natasha in Oz

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