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Wednesday, 12 March 2014


I am so enjoying Lacy Clark Ellman's prompts for
intentional living from
Pilgrim Principles
the book I'm using for my Lenten journey.
My responses to last week's somatic awareness
of God's gift of our senses
~ sight, taste, touch, smell, hearing
have been photo posted
and I'm now moving into this 2nd week's challenge.
 Awareness of God's gifts to us of resources to
                                           practicing my awareness of resources.
Daily challenges will be photo posted along with your invite to link up your own Lent photo or gratitude posts.
My own Gratitude for Lisa Advent for hosting the linkup,
Jacqui Avery for inviting us to photo post along with our monthly
Abbey of the Arts Invitation to Photography via the
Dancing Monks fb group.

With that introduction, I better get today's 
' Resources' photo posted!

You're welcome to add your Lent and Gratitude posts

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Julia U said...

Hi! beautiful pictures! I am your newest follower <3

Earthbound Misfit said...

I don't know if I am a "no reply" commenter I have trouble for some reason finding where to comment. But I do love this pic and you blog! Peace...

Anonymous said...

Oh! What a great photo today! Perfect for the trails of life. I am so grateful for this journey we are on. Your photo suits me perfectly today. :) Ugh!

Jacqui said...

This is beautiful, Sharon - thanks so much for sharing.

Kim Cunningham said...

Hi Sharon! Thank you for joining Little Things Thursday and sharing your Lenten experience. I love this snowy image!

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