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Sunday, 25 May 2014


Welcome to Faith Hope + Cherrytea
Today's topic ?  Introductions...


Please tell us a little bit about yourself: 

Who are you?  I'm Sharon - curator of FHC
How long have you been blogging?
4 yrs now
Why did you get into blogging?
{more background on that at the
interview link below...}


Where in the world are you blogging from? 

England's where my blogging venture began~

{currently posting from Canadian prairies!}

For more on these intro questions,

check out

the fun post by author, Maria Grace~



Describe your blog in just one sentence.
Then, list your social details - so we can connect more online.

Exploring God's nature of
faith, hope, and hospitality,
via books, beauty and a cuppa tea!

Connect with FHC online:
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What does your favourite/ideal reading space look like?

*{pinterest encouraged!}



Wishing for! sun + serenity! *

 Share your favourite book or

reading related quote.


What book would you love to see
as a movie?

Two entirely different genres - both would be fabulous!


EnJoy a treat to go as you hop off
 to your next blog visit!
I'll look forward to seeing you again here 
at FHC and your blog!



-Thursday Favourite Things-

-Say G'day Party in OZ-


Kathryn T. said...

Being on the Canadian prairies must be a different experience. Love the armchair for reading and the big pile of books!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely treat - you're so hospitable!

I love your two favorite reading places and your quote. Ha ha.

Have a great ArmchairBEA!

Anonymous said...

I love the reading area that you chose. I hate clutter, but I love being surrounded by piles of books. The chair is beautiful.
It was nice reading your answers. I look forward to getting to know you more as the week progresses.

Laura @ The Shabby Rabbit said...

Love your post!!
My daughter just got back from a trip to England last night !!

LOVED your quote!

Your reading spots stole my heart!!

Nice to meet you and hope to see you around this week :)

Wesley Hoffmann said...

hahaha "just kidding Im on the road to the bookstore." Love it! Im sure we could all quit anytime we want, but who wants to?

Athira said...

That quote had me giggling! I love that armchair too! Have fun at ABEA!

Lisa Pottgen said...

I admit to being a bookaholic, but I refuse to recover. I will meet you at the bookstore!!

Lisa @Just Another Rabid Reader

Katrina @ Bookish Things said...

I love the quote. That describes me completely. And your reading spot is so comfy.


I love the pictures you posted with this article. I haven't always been a tea drinkerbutbi can't imagine reading now without it :) Wishing you a great week!

fredamans said...

So great to feel formally introduced now. I'm in Ontario, but have British roots too. I would also like to see Rooms made into a film, it would be epic!

vikk simmons said...

Love the chair and books. Great to meet you. Enjoy the week.

MyNeedToRead said...

Hehehe...I love your bookish quote! So cheeky. And yet, sooo true.

Lindsey said...

Oh my goodness, I can't decide which reading corner looks comfier. Can we have both?!?

DoingDewey said...

I love your realistic vs imagined book nooks! Mine definitely looks more like the first one, although I try to keep the book piles under control :)

Amber Lovell Boone said...

That chair looks perfectly comfy but not too comfy which might induce naps. Hello from #ArmchairBEA!

Kristen @ Pretty Little Pages said...

I love the cozy chair and mug! Nothing goes together quite like a good book and a mug of coffee. :)

Kristen @ Pretty Little Pages

Rory Bore said...

The hammock definitely looks like a great comfy place to dive into a good book. or nap.
probably both.

suzanne cowles said...

Hello Faith, very nice to meet you. What I love about British culture is they have a planned part of the day set aside for pastries. And I've always loved fancy china tea sets, but that's the interior designer in me.

Natasha In Oz said...

What a lovely post, Sharon! I don't think I've ever seen your gorgeous picture before so thank you for sharing it at the Say G'day Saturday linky Party. I've just pinned your Introduction post!

Best wishes for a fabulous weekend lovely lady!
Natasha in Oz.

Katherine Thayer said...

Rooms by James Rubart is a wonderful fictional portrayal of the mysterious, adventurous and amazing workings of God in the life of a believer on his way to his hearts desire.

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