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Sunday, 4 May 2014


Grateful to be back to reading for this week.
Amazing how time and schedules can change
but I've spent my time off reading this weekend
and hoping for that to continue ...

Working on the tbr stacks with Kimba's
Clean Sweep ARC challenge
making headway!

What I'm most excited about is getting reviews
posted for some reading accomplishments!


Death by the Book  an earlier read 
plus Sincerely Yours which I read this weekend- yay!

Also, posted review for FHC's book tour stop for

A PROMISE IN PIECES {Quilts of Love series}

Awesome Giveaway Shopping Spree for $200 

#WomenHelpingWomen on the review post if you'd

like to check that out and enter away ...
I've lined up my next May book tour ARCs to read for 

keeping me on track with reading:


Gisela Cramer is an American living in eastern Germany with her cousin Ella Reinhardt. When the Red Army invades, they must leave their home to escape to safety in Berlin.
However, Ella is a nurse and refuses to leave, sending her young daughters with Gisela. During their journey, Gisela meets Mitch Edwards, an escaped British POW. She pretends she is his wife in order to preserve his safety among other Germans, especially one wounded German soldier, Kurt, who has suspicions about Mitch’s identity. Kurt also has feelings for Gisela and tries to uncover the truth about her “marriage.”
Their journey to Gisela’s mother in Berlin is riddled with tragedy and hardship, but they strive to keep Ella's daughters safe so they can reunite with their mother. During the journey Gisela and Mitch begin to develop feelings for one another beyond friendship. They reach Berlin, but their struggles are far from over. Gisela and Mitch must learn to live for the day and find hope in the darkest of circumstances.
In this moving, historically accurate portrayal of WWII Germany, the characters learn that, even with destruction all around them, some things last forever.

Jayne Dennagee has spent her life running from the “doctor death” legacy of her father. His Kervorkian-copycat methods of euthanasia ruined her childhood, covering it in shame. She won’t let him steal her future, too. After changing her name to Becka, she assumes a new life and new job caring for the ailing mother of a handsome young businessman, Isaac Hughes.
Becka struggles to sort out her feelings for her new boss just as her patient passes away under unusual circumstances. Suddenly, her past catches up with her and the unnerving details of her heritage make Becka look like a murder suspect. Worse, all sense of home and all hope for love vanish.
Even if she could clear her name, a phone call from prison wraps a suffocating shroud around her heart. Her father is out—and he needs her help. Can Becka open her new life to the man who has prematurely taken so many? Or will her father’s legacy make it impossible to open her heart at all?


Looking good ?  I'm anticipating some great reading!

How about your week ahead?

And if you're looking for more recommendations,
check out the links at Sheila's BOOK JOURNEY

and MizB's shouldbereading



Reminder to enter 2 Giveaways both ending this week.

ALONE YET NOT ALONE  pb ya novel 


A PROMISE IN PIECES  novel + shopping spree $200

ending May 10th

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Nise' said...

Always enjoy WWII novels. Have a great week.

Laura Fabiani said...

Both your books look good, but especially Daisies are Forever. I'm off to check out your giveaways.

Greg said...

I see a review of Death by the Book, will have to check that out. I liked the first book.

The cover of Daisies are Forever is nice as well.

Mystica said...

Both books look so very good. I am reading so many books set in WWi and 2 and finding so many different aspects of civilian life during War which is fascinating.

Kathryn T. said...

Daisies are Forever does sound interesting and I might look it up to read as it would fulfil one of my challenge requirements. Have a great reading week.

Kathryn T. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Teddyree said...

Daisies are Forever caught my eye, I love WWII reads. Well done catching up on reviews, still a work in progress for me lol. Have a great week and happy reading

Yvonne said...

Glad you are doing well with the Clean Sweep ARC challenge. The books sound really good. Have a great week!

Catherine BookClubLibrarian said...

Both of your books sound like books I'd enjoy. I'm adding them to my Goodreads page.

Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog.

Kimberly @ Turning the Pages said...

Daisies are Forever has a gorgeous cover, I hope you enjoy it!
Here's my It's Monday! Post
-Kimberly @ Turning the Pages

Introverted Jen said...

I enjoy books set around WWII so Daisies are Forever caught my eye. Enjoy your week!

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