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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

#Live Wonderstruck Wednesdays : Tree photo capture


Today from author Margaret Feinberg:

The wonders of God’s creation surround us—
from slinging comets to creating the scaly creatures that slither around the earth,
God is the Master Creator.
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Take a walk around your yard or nearby park.
Find a tree, plant, flower, or piece of vegetation and really study it.
Notice the vines, leaves, colours, smells, and textures.
Spend a few moments thanking God for his intimate design.
Wonder Challenge:
Snap a photo of the piece of vegetation you studied and
share on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram
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Use hashtag #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK so that we can thank God for his beautiful creation together.
Join us each Wednesday for Wonderstruck Wednesday.
Here's my photo response to Wonderstruck Wednesday 'Tree'~

Shared on my #LiveWonderstruck Pinterest board ~

You're always welcome to find or follow there for more of
my Life Lived Wonderstruck ...

Are you ready to share yours?

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