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Sunday, 16 February 2014


To get you on your feet with today's

Monday Music Moves Me 
Mike Masse and Jeff Hall cover AFRICA [Toto] 
According to host, Marie at Xmas Dolly
this week's theme is a Freebie -
our choice -
 so here are my choices to start your week's soundtrack 
with excellence!

3 time Grammy winner, ASHLEY CLEVELAND 
An unapologetic rocker chick - Nothing but a FAV !  
[with her rockin' guitar playing hubs, of course, Kenny Greenburg]
Dancing ?
Great.  My job is Done. for this Monday.

Feel free to link your Monday Music that Moves you at Marie's



Lynn Blaylock said...

Alright..I'm really liking Ashley Cleveland. She's new to me but I like her style, lota grit! Happy Monday!

Belle Haup said...

What a wonderful rendition of "Africa" by Mike Masse and Jeff Hall. I'm saving that one. And Ashley's a true rocker chick..and I enjoyed her.

Happy Monday!

Naila Moon said...

They did a pretty nice cover of Africa. I still like Toto's version but this was ok too!

I have never heard of Ashley Cleveland before but I like her stuff.

Have a good week!

Marie Moody said...

I totally agree with Naila Moon. They did such a great job of Africa that I posted it on FB. Those two are awesome. I'm new to Ashley Cleveland too, but I do love her raspy voice & she can rock. YOU TOTALLY ROCKED THE HOUSE GIRLFRIEND. Thanks for joining us. :) HUGS

Danielle Royalegacy said...

I love Ashley's voice. Sometimes that kind of voice just does something to me.


Colette S said...

That is a very good rendition! Thank you for sharing.

Cathy Kennedy said...

The two gents performing "Africa" did a nice job. I really enjoyed it. Now, Ashley Cleveland is totally new-to-me. How is that a 3x Grammy winner has not popped up on my radar before now? Geez, I must from another world or something. Now that think about, I do recall my kids saying, "My mother is an alien", but I thought hey, I'm not Mexican. Now the mystery is solved, I am cousins with ET. lol Great to have you on the dance floor with the 4M crew!

stevebethere said...

I enjoyed them and loved that version of Africa ;-)

Have a tanfastic week ;-)

Rory Bore said...

really enjoyed Mike Masse song. I've heard that name before?? sure I've heard him sing something else -- will have to look him up.

Love a rocker chick! awesome, really like her voice.

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