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Thursday, 31 January 2013

21 Days of Wonder Day 17: GOD #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK

21 Days of Wonder GOD

Wondrous delight is found in the presence of God. [Tweet this
With a blank sheet of paper and pen in hand, along with a Bible nearby,
begin making a list of the characteristics of God. 
Write down various names for God. Record attributes of God.
List promises of God.
Then spend some time thanking God simply for who he is and
offering words of adoration to him.

The wonder of God’s presence awaits you.

Wonder Challenge: What’s the attribute of God or promise that you appreciate most?
 Give a shout out to God online—through Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or your blog—
about the facet of God’s character or a promise that is stirring your heart.

Some of Who GOD is to me ... 

Add #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK to your post to
connect with others on this journey of wonder!
I Photopost Wonder on a  #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK board at Pinterest
I would love to see you there!
or tweet with me @_eHope
Examples of God’s attributes:  Holy, Righteous, Eternal, Truth, etc.
Example of post: God, thank you for being ________!
Tomorrow: RESTORE
Amazon still has some copies! Don’t wait to order Wonderstruck,
they’ve been going fast!
It’s not too late to join the fun! Join us during the 21 Days of Wonder Challenge and
awaken to the wonders of God all around. Learn more, here.
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Click here to sign up and receive a bonus eBook: Wonderstruck by Jesus Christ.

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