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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

21 Days of Wonder: 'Rest' #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK

21 Days of Wonder REST
From Margaret Feinberg:

*Apart from rest, we can sleep through the wonders of God. *

Though your schedule may be full, consider what you can do today to imbibe rest
as one of God’s greatest gifts.
Perhaps you can sneak in a catnap. Or allow your eyes to rest during the midafternoon.
Or climb into bed an hour early.
Look for a few minutes when you can just rest—
allowing your mind and body and emotions to recalibrate. 

Drink in rest to awaken more fully to the wonders of God all around. [Tweet this

Share with others what you experience through rest.

For me?  
Rest allows restoration.  Body, mind, spirit.
Renewal. Refreshment.
Balance and equanimity.
Living with the sound mind God offers rather than stress/worry.
Rest provides margin.  Room for Peace to increase.
Awareness of God's Presence.
And when God is present, all that God is, is present...
Love, Joy, because we know that it's in God's Presence there is 
fullness of joy!
Everything we need is Present.  God is I AM.
I AM = whatever you need. And God knows exactly what we need!
We just need to give time in God's Presence to receive.
To hear God's heart speaking Life into our heart.
HIGHLY recommended, I give 'Rest' a 5* rating!

Wonder Challenge: Whether you’re on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or your blog,
we’d love to know the answer to this question: When do you feel the deepest rest?
Make sure to include #LIVEWONDERSTRUCK so we can find you!

My response?
I feel the deepest rest when I'm tucked in close to

Father's heart.
Listening and hearing His heart for me.
Feeling His embrace...

That's where I

Tomorrow: GOD
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Take the 21 Days of Wonder Challenge and awaken to the wonders of God all around.
Learn more, here.


Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

It was fun to visit... haven't been by recently, but it's always a pleasure when I do stop by!

Enjoyed this posting about rest... and I love your response: "I feel the deepest rest when I'm tucked in close to Father's heart..."

Yes that is true for me too.

Wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places....


Jennifer Dougan said...

Hi Faith Hope,

Nice to meet you. I'm hopping over from Ann's link up. Your line "Drink in rest to awaken more fully to God" was lovely.

Have a great week.

Jennifer Dougan

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